July 27, 2013
Warrior recently showed their hand in the control boot category with the release of the Gambler. Designed for unparalleled control and distribution, the Gambler Pro is powered by a range of high performance technologies and features. Now they have added a leather version to the silo with the release of the K-Lite.
A specially crafted Ace Plate on the boot’s instep equips players with the means to outplay the opposition by dealing killer passes. The High Roller rotator zone adds to the Gambler Pro’s tactical weaponry, allowing for balls and rules to be bent with deadly accuracy, while the embossed Outsider zonelocated on the boot’s outer tip ensures quick draw precision.
A striking checkerboard Tech Mesh outer commands uncompromised on-pitch visibility. Lightweight and supple yet still hardwearing, the mesh covers a welded Safe House foot cage to provide ultimate form and protection.
A no-stitch Royal Flush inner enables a seamless fit and all-game comfort, while the Lay-Off offset lacing system amplifies the Gambler Pro’s fit and feel.
Equipped to take control on all playing surfaces, the Gambler Pro is configured in two sole plate options: a Full House hybrid stud and blade outsole for mixed ground acceleration, and a Loaded Deck 17 blade outsole for firm ground comfort.

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