June 11, 2013
Puma have released their newest PowerCat 1.2 football boot colourway – Black/Fluorescent Yellow/Blue which will be debuted on pitch by Marco Reus in the most important match of the year this weekend. Reus, who has been an instrumental figure in the Borussia Dortmund’s successes on the road to the UEFA Champions League final, will wear his new PowerCat colourway for the first time at Wembley. Marco Reus said, “Reaching the Champions League final is the biggest moment of my career so far and I cannot wait to walk out on this great football stage at the weekend. My first season at Borussia Dortmund with the whole Champions League tournament has been extremely exciting, and going to Wembley is really an absolute highlight for me. My new PUMA boots feature a similar colourway to the iconic BVB colours, I think this is a good sign and hope they will help me perform well in London and bring about a great end to a phenomenal season.” The PUMA PowerCat 1.2 is designed for players who desire power and accuracy when shooting and passing. Featuring a perfect blend of materials, this boot provides increased kicking power, whilst enabling precision through the newest PUMA technology that improves ball grip (3D PST DUO Technology). The boot delivers a bladed stud configuration for better traction, manoeuvrability and accurate pressure distribution and the external heel counter protects and stabilises the heel. Finishing touches are the soft, premium K-Leather that enhances fit, comfort and touch and a lightweight microfiber material in the lateral quarter to support of the midfoot, which is essential to keep the weight of the boot to a Minimum.

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