September 28, 2012
We have already seen them on the pitch but we can now full reveal the latest Nike T90 Laser IV colourway – Crimson/Black. The new colourway will be worn by the likes of Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney and have already found the back of the net – through Rooney’ United teammate Rafael Da Silva.
The new T90 Laser IV is 20% lighter than the previous version and features a newly configured adaptive shield. To ensure a perfect strike of the ball, the reconfigured shooting and swerve zones on the instep of the boot are designed to flex naturally as the foot contacts with the ball, amplifying the natural benefits of the foot to strike the ball cleanly.
The key contact zones are broken up into flexible strips which enhance the natural power and accuracy of the foot while the swerve zone fins reduced in size and height allow a closer feel to the ball providing friction to curved shots. Finally, along the tongue and top of the boot, shape correction foam increases instep accuracy for a seamless strike of the ball.
The remodelled studs are designed to maximize the speed of penetration and release on pitch without increasing stud pressure for the player. Heel, medial, lateral and toe off edge traction combined with a more flexible plate also enhance agility and reduce slipping.
As with the rest of Nike’s Fall/Winter range, the new Crimson/Black T90 Laser IV features All Conditions Control (ACC) Technology.

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