July 13, 2012
The new Juventus home kit for the 2012-13 season was presented these days at the Juventus Stadium, alongside the Italy Final of the possibility a worldwide talent explore for young footballers.
The modern nonetheless classic style of the house kit marks the come back of theiconic four terribly wide, vertical black stripes on the shirt that represent the four core values of the club - family, union, loyalty and honour - as expressed by the Agnelli family indicated because the basic pillars of Juventus when it took over the Club in 1923. The historic motto coined by the president Giampiero Boniperti (‘Vincere Non È Importante È L’Unica Cosa Che Conta’ - Winning isn’t necessary, it’s everything), is that the inner deck detail, whereas the outer neck graphic merely reads ‘Juventus’. The Eurostile font, sdesigned by Aldo Novarese for Nebiolo, one amongst the best-known printers in Turin, in 1962, has been reintroduced to the shirt.
The colouring for the names on the rear of the jersey has gone back from yellow to black and also the classic black box on the rear for thenumbers in white has came back. The cuff and collar of the shirt are galvanized by the 1951-1952 Scudetto (Shield) winning jersey. The white short additionally has ‘Juventus’ within the Eurostile font on the rear of the waistband.
The white socks have a black detail at the ankle and also the prime and once more ‘Juventus’ in that very same font. The socks additionally provide an innovative style that includes an updated cotton footbed for bigger comfort and support. “The partnership between Nike and Juventus is celebrating its tenth year with a unprecedented victory taking the Club back to the amount that it's perpetually rightly held.” – said Andrea Rossi, General Manager of Nike Italy. “This season, we’re giving the Italian Champions an iconic jersey, galvanized by tradition however with a contemporary look and performance innovation giving players the best on the pitch.” Andrea Agnelli, president of Juventus, commented, “Today, we’re with NIKE yet again for the presentation of the new black and white jersey, to honour the results achieved by Juventus last season. The thirtieth defend, won within the field, is sealed by a jersey that enhances the values of victory and also the partnership between Juventus and NIKE, world leaders in sport.”
The new home kit is created from Nike’s ground-breaking recycled polyester, creating it Nike’s most environmentally friendly kit ever created. every kit (shirt and shorts) is created using up to 13 recycled plastic water bottles. This innovative production method reduces energy consumption by up to half-hour compared to the manufacture of ancient polyester. Nike has used an estimated one hundred fifteen million recycled plastic bottles to form its high performance kits since 2010.

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